Inspire WiFi is seeking to hire a VP of Operations…

We’re looking for someone who is experienced with WIFI and fiber optic networks, dashboard monitoring, SalesForce software management, and the ability to organize, delegate and manage a Broadband Service Team. Annual salary is commensurate with experience. This position provides a steady healthcare plan, and the opportunity to always work from your home.

You’ll design, build, and manage the installation and activation of a variety of fiber optic and WIFI platforms for residential and commercial properties across the United States. You will order equipment and network components, certifying network compatibility. You will interface with customers, our customer call center, and vendors. You will also coordinate with our onsite field install/service techs across the country. You will manage the monitoring of all activated WAP/router devices in the field, confirming all networks are active and trouble-free.

Please email Don Johnson at He will be accepting applications until March 11th.


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