24×7 Monitoring, Maintenance and Technical Support

Through our WiFi platform and cloud-based software, we can install a tailored, wireless network, so your staff, residents, and guests can enjoy free, always-on WiFi.

We can also provide detailed reports showing how many residents & guests connect to the network and the average speed provided. These reports will show you that the amenity you are providing is being utilized by your residents.

If there is an issue with the network, our engineers will usually know about it before your residents or guests do! This allows us to get a head start towards troubleshooting and regaining maximum signal penetration.

With Inspire WiFi, Your Community or Commercial Venue Will Always Benefit from:

  • Skilled team of Broadband Solutions Professionals.
  • We only partner with trusted, high-quality manufacturers.
  • We build custom, state-of-the-art technology infrastructures, maintaining a robust, scalable network platform in each venue.
  • We maintain an intense focus on secure, always-on WIFI network platforms and responsive customer support, providing a “WOW!” experience for over 20,000 residents in 28 states.
  • We now offer Video Streaming (cable TV cord-cutting solutions), Data-Management (social-distancing, venue-monitoring solutions), as well as SmartHome Internet of Things (“IoT”) packages.
  • Moreover, financing is available!

We Manage the Installation, Activation & Monitoring


WiFi Equipment

  • Professionally Designed, to Enhance Reliability & Optimize Streaming Performance
  • Expertly Installed Wireless Access Points, Firewalls, Switches and all Internet Connections – Only Where Needed – to Maintain Community Aesthetics
  • Skillfully Wired with Fiber and Cat6 to Maximize Service Quality and Appearance
  • Seamlessly Launch a Customized, Secured, Fully Compliant WiFi Platform


A Customized WiFi or WiLo Platform and Marketing Launch Program

  • We Deliver an Initial Supply of Marketing Materials*
  • Connection Guides for Every New and Existing Resident
  • Appropriate Signage, Tabletops and/or Window Clings for Prospective Residents & Guests
  • Postcards for Distribution
  • Custom Welcome Splash page for Residents
* Additional marketing materials can always be purchased from our Inspire WiFi online store


Your WiFi Network

  • 24×7 Toll-Free US-Based Tech Support
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Bandwidth Use Reporting
  • Next-Day, On-site Service & Maintenance
  • Optional Speed Upgrades Throughout Service Term
  • CALEA/FCC User Monitoring Compliance


What is a Wireless Access Point?

A wireless access point (“WAP” or “AP”) is a piece of hardware that broadcasts a wireless Internet signal to ‘clients’ in the area surrounding the access point.

A client is any device that has a wireless network card in it (laptop, desktop computer, camera monitors, TV, mobile phone, etc.).

The access point connects the wireless client to the backbone so the wireless client can connect to the Internet.

What Speeds Does Inspire Provide?

Inspire WiFi provides an average of 100Mbps and can max up to 1Gbps. It depends on the market. Speeds are provided by fiber, cable or DSL line connections throughout your apartment communities and are priced accordingly.

As part of our service, Inspire WiFi provides the ongoing internet line connections with no additional cost to you.

Inspire WiFi will continue to monitor speed availability and utilization throughout the length of the term to ensure that your community always has the fastest available speed and you always have the option to upgrade the internet lines at minimal additional expense.

How is a WIFI Network Configured?

There are many issues to consider when configuring a commercial grade wireless network; property topography, size of buildings, hardscape material, distances between units, buildings, trees and various other performance impacting factors. Our engineering team will design a platform that is customized for your unique residential or commercial property.

How Does Inspire Plan Each AP’s Location?

We engineer your system using a grid overlay to provide a means of describing each AP’s location. TO HAVE OVERLAPING MESH COVERAGE IS ALWAYS THE GOAL! Placement of the Access Point will ensure canopy coverage.

A full design of your network will be provided upon completion of the installation. Most installations can be completed within 30 days of contract signing.

How Does Inspire Plan for Wide-Ranging Signal Coverage?

Our utilization of the site maps with the signal coverage (in dBm) overlay indicates the signal’s strength.

As a general rule, regions with signal strengths below -67 dBm provide insufficient coverage for standard use (this value may vary depending on user requirements, service level agreements, applications used, number of users serviced, etc.). APs are displayed in their planned locations and reflect the specified power and antenna properties.

Note: an active WIFI area can incorporate a variety of environmental factors that can vary throughout the day and may adversely affect projected RF coverage.

How Are Access Points Positioned?

Every installation is customized for the uniqueness of the community to be served.

 Depending on the type of installation your community will require, these indoor or outdoor access points are deployed throughout the buildings to achieve a mesh canopy coverage.

In an ‘outside-in’ installation which is commonly used for garden style communities, each building will have a few of these small access points and feed back to a gateway node located at each of our internet drops.

Most wireless access points can be painted or have various colored skins to maintain the aesthetics of your apartment communities and simply work off exterior common power.

For an indoor or attic run installation which is commonly used for mid-rise or hi-rise communities, the access points would be mounted on trusses or in the drop-down ceilings.

What is required by the community to ensure a strong signal or ease of install?

We require access to areas where power is readily available and permission to mount the hardware in public areas managed by your apartment communities. Inspire WiFi uses various types of hardware for different deployments and the exact hardware will vary depending on the requirements of your specific apartment communities.

We typically use industrial outdoor hardware units or APs as they are commonly known. Each unit is no larger than 5” x 3” with an antenna about 3” long and only need power since they connect to the internet wirelessly.

These units are very aesthetically pleasing, can be painted and are hardly noticeable compared to the larger sectoral antennas that other providers may attempt to utilize.

What power is required to operate this hardware?

Standard 110V power is all that is needed to power the access points.

How high off the ground are the units placed?

In the ‘outside-in’ deployment, the units would be placed between 12 to 16 feet off the ground.

How do my residents get connected, once installed?

Your residents will search for your community’s custom WIFI network on their computer, laptop or smartphone and click connect.

Once connected, they will have to agree to the terms of service on the custom welcome page that we provide.

How does Inspire WiFi bill for the service?

Inspire WiFi will bill the Owner, HOA, or management company a flat monthly rate for service, plus any applicable taxes and fees.

We do not charge the residents directly.

What happens when the hardware gets damaged in weather, gets vandalized, or it’s just not working properly?

In the event that the hardware needs to be restored, we will replace failed hardware within 72 hours of a trouble ticket being opened.

A trouble ticket is a case that will be opened by our monitoring team when they discover an issue on the network, or upon a reporting by you or a resident.

The benefit of your mesh wireless network is that if one access point goes down or is damaged, the surrounding access points cover for the lost access point and find the quickest way back to the internet.

How is the network monitored?

Through our monitoring software, we can track wireless hardware activity, user activity and various other details. If there is an issue with the network, our engineers will usually know about it before your residents do!

This allows us to get a head start towards troubleshooting and regaining maximum signal penetration. We can also provide detail reports showing how many residents connect to the network and the average speed provided.

These reports will show you that the amenity you are providing is being utilized by your residents.

What type of technical support is offered?

Our US-based technical support team is available 24x7x365 to assist your residents in connecting to the wireless network. They also have the ability to monitor the network in case there is an issue with one of the access points. All calls are logged so we can ensure that we are providing a high level of service to your residents.

Why should residents be required to agree to WIFI network terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions protect the owners, property managers and Inspire WiFi from any liability that may occur from any illegal or adult content that your residents may download via the WIFI network.

What is CALEA? How does it affect your property?

CALEA is the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act that was passed in 1994. This law was enacted to allow local and federal law enforcement agencies to monitor any users of any form of telecommunications in the event that users are under suspicion.

A simple hotspot must be CALEA compliant, even if all the users are your residents. The cost of not being CALEA compliant carries a fine of up to $10,000 per day which is why many nationwide multifamily community owners and property management companies have called on Inspire WiFi to provide WIFI to their residents.

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