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Occupancy Counting, Heat-Mapping, and Contact Tracing

Across the nation we have been told the number one issue facing Home-Owners Associations, Property Managers and Property Owners in today’s pandemic environment is how to effectively and efficiently keep common areas and amenities safe for residents living on site.

We can install WIFI access points & cloud-based software to ensure your venue follows new COVID guidelines. We have successfully deployed a valuable tool, using software created to give your managers, staff, residents, and visitors confidence that your facilities are safe. With Inspire WiFi, you can review occupancy counts – down to the minute – across your community’s common areas.

This software, loaded onto our Wireless Access Points, will provide:

  1. Occupancy Counting with up to the minute counts, alerts and waiting list features
  2. Social Distancing measurement tools from our heat-mapping feature
  3. Contact Tracing History going back to the date of installation by dashboard feature

24×7 Monitoring, Maintenance and Technical Support

Give Your Residents Confidence That Your Facilities Are Safe

This constant monitoring by web-based dashboard allows management to view all properties simultaneously with charts and graphs and historical reporting. This can help you use data to streamline operations and improve the experiences of your residents & visitors every day.

Residents can access by web enabled connection to see if the facility, fitness center, pool area or other common areas are over-occupied at any given moment. If too many are gathered, a waiting list can be provided.

This trusted technology tool provides the community with added liability protection through actual data capture on site.

We Manage the Installation, Activation & Monitoring


Monitoring Equipment

  • Turnkey WIFI Installation of Dedicated Internet Circuits, WiFi Devices, and Heat-Mapping Software
  • Expertly Installed Access Points and All Internet Connections
  • Inspire Can Integrate with Your Venue’s Existing Hardware
  • Seamlessly Launched Secured, Fully Compliant WiFi Setup in 90 Days
  • Inspire’s “Information Protection Policy” Guarantees Our Customer’s Data Is Secure


A Customized Monitoring Program

  • Secured & Reliable WiFi Signal for Community-Wide Networks and Common-Area Hotspots
  • Dedicated Backhaul Internet Connections 24/7
  • Low Cost, Turn-key Monitoring & Auto-Reporting Services


Your Data Management Network

  • Alert Staff, Based on Occupancy Count and Crowd Analysis
  • Communicate with Your Customers Via In-Venue Displays, E-mail, Mobil Apps, SMS
  • Dashboards & Reporting Tools Allow Owners, Managers & Staff to Remotely Monitor Occupancy Counts, Congestion, Wait Times, and the Busiest Times, Over Multiple Venues
  • USA-Based Support, Monitoring, and Maintenance
  • Compliance with Network Security Laws, CALEA & COVID

Data Management FAQs

What Are the Key Features?

Inspire WiFi has successfully deployed an automated occupancy and social distancing management toolkit to help your customers feel safe, and ensure your venues are maintaining COVID-19 compliance.

This toolkit, OccupancyNow™, has transformed the way organizations collect, analyze and extract value from data. OccupancyNow™ processes billions of data points monthly, captured in the physical and digital world to help businesses better understand and improve experiences for their customers every day.

We have qualified regional installation technicians ready to engineer, install, and activate data monitoring services inside your community or commercial venue, focusing on property’s unique features.

How is a Data Management Platform Assembled and Monitored?

We deliver data collections like web-accessible reporting dashboards, management alerts, guest & resident registration options.

We manage automated technologies, security tools (i.e., active shooter tracking in public spaces), and help you oversee management of multiple properties simultaneously.

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