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Inspire WIFI is an Industry-leading Wireless Internet Service Provider (“WISP”), delivering broadband packages to residential & commercial properties across the United States. We deliver low-cost, high-value WIFI platforms with multiple cloud-based streaming, security and data management packages.

Our mission is to build advanced, customized WIFI networks for Residential Property Owners, Managers and Associations, as well as Commercial Property Owners and Developers. Inspire helps communities own their own broadband network, while our professional team of broadband technicians manage the network on their behalf. Owning the system always promotes increased asset value for the property’s overall portfolio, as well as new revenue opportunities.

Inspire has become a broadband provider of choice for apartment & condominium communities, student housing, and many business venues (restaurants, stores, hotels, and healthcare facilities) across the nation. We are frequently recognized as a low-cost, high-value WISP, offering budget-friendly equipment, with accessible financing packages.

Inspire WIFI is able to serve customers of all kinds and sizes with advanced WIFI enabled services. Inspire’s engineering team designs tailored WIFI network plans for each property. These custom “broadband blueprints” are based on 1) the existing technology on the property, 2) the style & variety of building(s), and 3) the choices of cloud-based streaming, security, monitoring and/or data management the community or venue wants to utilize.

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We maintain an intense focus on secure, always-on WIFI network platforms and responsive customer support, providing a “WOW!” experience for over 20,000 residents in 28 states. With over 500 communities, we are among the most successful WIFI companies in the US.

Since inception in 2008, Inspire has become known as an Industry-leading Broadband Service Provider, managed by an expert team of IT and broadband professionals, dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience in the nation.

Our Inspire Team manages the installation, activation, ongoing monitoring, and maintenance for all of our customers’ WIFI devices and services. From greenfield to brownfield, retrofit to new construction, we have a plan that will get you connected.

Our I-Guys build custom, state-of-the-art broadband technology infrastructures, delivering a robust, scalable Internet network platform in each community or venue. We also deliver Video Streaming (cable TV cord-cutting solutions), Data-Management (social-distancing, venue-monitoring solutions), as well as SmartHome and SmartBiz (also known as the Internet-of-Things or “IoT”) packages.

We offer WiLo solutions for your management team, delivering to the Leasing Office staff an isolated WIFI signal for privacy purposes.

Our team is always current with Network Security Laws, CALEA & COVID.

Inspire always provides a US based call center support, Nationwide Network Monitoring, and Technical Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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