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Households everywhere are transitioning from expensive, out-of-date cable TV to online VOD/streaming services, like Roku, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling, Pluto, SmartGuide, and other streaming channel service subscriptions.

The News, Media and Entertainment Industries are all shifting to web-based productions (i.e., “The Hand Maid’s Tale” on HULU, “Stranger Things” & “The Crown” on NetFlix, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Prime…).

Some of the major advantages of choosing our video streaming TV service versus traditional cable or satellite TV service include:

  1. Richer content options with a greater customer experience.
  2. Secured, fully compliant, full-featured pay TV service in 90 days, using SmartTVs, Set-Top Boxes, Streaming Sticks/Dongles, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices.
  3. Drastic reduction of initial construction capital, networking expenses, hardware costs, and ongoing maintenance fees.
  4. Automatic updates.
  5. Less disruption due to weather, utilities, and line-of-sight/range.
  6. Inclusion of branded location or lifestyle channel, with advertising slotting sales or promotional currency.
  7. Hospitality or site management software inclusion for property information, payments, meetings, and special events.
  8. Complimentary video services for your fitness center, community center and office.

We Manage the Installation, Activation & Monitoring


Video Streaming Equipment

  • Professionally Designed, to Enhance Reliability & Optimize Streaming Performance
  • Seamlessly Launch a Full-Featured Pay TV Service in 90 Days
  • Expertly Installed Access Points and All Internet Connections


A Customized Video Streaming Program

  • A Single Aggregation Point for Access to the Global Entertainment Marketplace
  • A Cross-Platform Media Manager and Interface of All Sources, All Categories, All Countries
  • An Unlimited Virtual Library of Movies, Sports, News, TV Channels, Music, and Special Events
  • Connect All of Your Resident’s Devices; on Their Own Account with Single Log-on and Billing


Your Virtual Cable Company, Cable Box, and Cable Guide

  • Maintaining Reliable WIFI Delivery (your cable box alternative)
  • Offering a Single-Payment System for All Media Expenses on a Single Monthly Bill; Including Itemized Subscriptions and One-Time Pay-per-Views, so Your Residents Can Always See Exactly How Much They’re Spending, and Where Their Money is Going

Video Streaming FAQs

What’s the Difference Between Cable and Video Streaming?

As a Video Platform Provider, Inspire WiFi can deliver to your community an entertainment streaming service, at a fraction of the cost of old-style cable. Together, we can bring the cable TV experience to all of your residents’ internet-connected devices (TV, PC, laptop, Chrome book, cell phone, and so on), enabling your community’s exodus from the high costs of conventional cable.

Inspire WiFi reproduces the cable/satellite companies’ service model… but delivering to your residents all of today’s exciting new content under one account – plus offering traditional cable channels – via WIFI.

No cable wiring necessary!

What Are the Key Features?

  • Single log-on and Single billing account
  • Search all platforms for specific content and price across all platforms and paywalls
  • Cross-network favoriting (mark specific channels, movies, shows)
  • One private online payment system for ALL media sources; Just one invoice

What Type of Options Does Video Streaming Offer?

  • Web, Android, IOS, Android TV Accessible 
  • SmartGuide with Live Streamed “Basic” 50+ Cable Channels includes Locals – PLUS PREMIUM CHANNEL (i.e., HBO)
  • FreeView Internet Video on Demand (Over half-million TV Episodes/Movies) + Streaming Channels (Over 1,000 channels) + Radio (over 1,000 channels) + Pay-Per-View Services
  • Optional Premium Channels A La Carte Add-On Program (HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Sports Networks)
  • Guide provides text translation for 100 languages
  • Over the Air Channels
  • International Stations
  • Kids-only filtering
  • Parental control
  • Live News, Weather, Local Access
  • Online Shopping
  • Video on Demand
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Radio Stations

Our knowledgeable representatives can help you select the right package and help direct you to the right place to get started with your streaming TV.

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