Are You Responsible for the Broadband Solutions For…

  • A Hotel or Motel
  • Time Share or Resort
  • Hospital
  • College or University
  • Private & Public School
  • Library
  • Gym or Clubhouse
  • Bar, Coffee Shop or Restaurant
  • Grocery Store
  • Retail Center
  • Mall or Shopping Center
  • Office Building

Inspire Your Guests, Visitors & Staff with Enhanced Broadband Amenities

Inspire Wi-Fi eliminates all internet connectivity problems caused by dead zones, multiple users, and out-of-range devices.

Let our team of INSPIRED GUYS get the ball rolling!

Our I-Guys can engineer, install and activate a WIFI platform for your commercial property. Your employees and visitors will be downloading and streaming at lightspeed in no time!

Our I-Guys have built custom, state-of-the-art WIFI technology infrastructures, maintaining robust, scalable network platforms for businesses just like yours. We also offer Data-Management (social-distancing, venue-monitoring solutions), as well as advanced Internet of Things (“IoT”) packages.

Inspire can always integrate with your venue’s existing hardware or our I-Guys can engineer a brand new, custom network.

Moreover, financing is available!


No more lag? You bet! Guests can seamlessly stream video games, television shows, and movies without any buffering or break from the action.

Faster downloads? Absolutely! Without dead zones and signal interruptions to slow you down, your Wi-Fi connection will feel faster and stronger than ever before.

Inspire WiFi provides an average of 100Mbps and can max up to 1Gbps. We continuously monitor your Internet speed availability and Internet utilization, to ensure that your building, store, restaurant, school, hotel, resort, or commercial facility always has the fastest available WIFI speed.

Every broadband installation is customized for the uniqueness of the business or venue to be served. Our I-Guys will design a platform that is customized for your distinctive commercial property. We engineer your WIFI system using a grid overlay to ensure maximum signal coverage. Our I-Guys skillfully wire with Fiber and Cat6 to maximize service quality and appearance. We install Wireless Access Points, firewalls, switches and all Internet connections, only where needed, to maintain your property’s aesthetics. Many installations can be completed within 30 days of contract signing.

Multiple Wireless Access Points broadcast a wireless Internet signal to any device in the area surrounding your Hot Spot – laptops, desktop computers, camera monitors, TVs, mobile phones, and so on.

Our I-Guys will provide an initial supply of marketing materials, appropriate signage, and/or window clings to announce your FREE WIFI amenity. We will also provide a custom Welcome splash page, with your business logo and vitals.

Your visitors simply 1) access your WIFI hot spot, 2) agree to your terms & conditions (to reduce your liability) when they open your custom splash page, and then 3) connect to your secured WIFI network. It’s that simple.

Our US-based technical support team is available 24x7x365 in order to assist your faculty and guests in connecting to your wireless network, should they experience any complications.

Our I-Guys Manage the Installation, Activation & Monitoring for All of Our WiFi Products.

  • 24×7 Toll-Free US-Based Tech Support
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Bandwidth Use Reporting
  • Next-Day, On-site Service & Maintenance
  • Optional Speed Upgrades Throughout Service Term
  • CALEA/FCC User Monitoring Compliance


Give your managers, staff, and visitors confidence that your facilities are safe, and effectively and efficiently keep your store, restaurant, school, hospital, office, commercial building, hotel resort or other commercial property monitored and secure. Our team of I-Guys can help you manage the flow of people with accurate, automated counting.

Avoid over-crowding when congestion is detected & automatically alert staff. Inspire WiFi has successfully deployed an automated-occupancy and social-distancing management tool to help ensure your commercial venues are maintaining COVID-19 compliance.

With Inspire WiFi, you can remove human error from the counting process and review occupancy counts – down to the minute – across all of the common areas of your business venue(s).

Our I-Guys supply a turnkey Data Management system, with dedicated backhaul Internet connections, WiFi devices, and heat-mapping software. Data Monitoring software, loaded onto our Wireless Access Points, provides alerts and waiting list features, along with social-distancing measurement tools from our heat-mapping feature. We also offer contact-tracing history, going back to the date of installation with our dashboard feature. We manage automated technologies, security tools (as an example, tracking an active shooter in the area), and can help you oversee management of multiple properties – simultaneously!

This constant monitoring by web-based dashboard allows management to view all properties simultaneously with straightforward charts and valuable historical reporting. This can help you use data to streamline operations and improve the experiences of your employees and guests every day.

Our I-Guys deliver data collections, management alerts, as well as guest & resident registration options through web-accessible reporting dashboards.

Your visitors can access by web-enabled connection to see if your library, fitness center, pool area or other common areas are over-occupied at any given moment. If too many are gathered, a waiting list can be provided. This trusted technology tool provides your business with added liability protection, through actual live data capture on site!

  • Alert Staff, Based on Occupancy Count and Crowd Analysis
  • Communicate with Your Customers Via In-Venue Displays, E-mail, Mobil Apps, SMS
  • Dashboards & Reporting Tools Allow Owners, Managers & Staff to Remotely Monitor Occupancy Counts, Congestion, Wait Times, and the Busiest Times, Over Multiple Venues
  • USA-Based Support, Monitoring, and Maintenance
  • Compliance with Network Security Laws, CALEA & COVID

Our I-Guys Manage the Installation, Activation & Monitoring for All of Our WiFi Products.

Inspire Always Delivers USA-Based Support, Dedicated Monitoring, and Ongoing Maintenance.


With Inspire WiFi, you can activate advanced SmartBiz / Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology in your building, store, restaurant, school, hotel, resort, or commercial facility by installing smart switches, outlets and thermostats, with sensors and preset scenes that enable your management & faculty team to automate your business with ‘set and forget’ ease. With Inspire’s dedicated Internet connections, accessible 24/7, you can control who gets in, and when, in real time – across your commercial properties.

With IOT Sensors & Cloud-Based Apps, Inspire’s team of I-Guys can deliver a smart business network with professional installation that provides the best user experience. Plus, we can integrate door locks, lights, switches, outlets, thermostats, leak detection sensors and more!

We can enable you to have full control over access, climate, and lighting from mobile and voice apps. We can even help you reduce liability by controlling the sensors from one simple dashboard, in real time.

  • Alert Staff When a Leak, High-Humidity, or High-Temperature Reading is Detected
  • We Can Integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (Having Your Lights on or Setting A Scene When Your Staff Walks Through the Door Has Never Been This Easy!)

Our I-Guys Manage the Installation, Activation & Monitoring for All of Our WiFi Products.

Inspire Always Delivers USA-Based Support, Dedicated Monitoring, and Ongoing Maintenance.

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