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  • Our privacy policy is simple: We will never sell your personal information or your activity on our network.  The confidentiality and security of your information is a top consideration of Inspire WiFi. 
  • We oppose the emailing of junk mail. We will not sell customer information to email list companies or telemarketers.
  • We will not divulge any of your personal information to any other organization or party, unless:
    • You give us specific permission or you have an inquiry, request or complaint
    • The disclosure is required by law or by legal process authorized by a court of official, authorized jurisdiction
    • We suspect fraud or other malicious activity, in which case we may investigate and report any evidence, including personally identifiable information, to law enforcement officials and to the courts in the course of seeking remedies at law and equity


  • We have no control over the websites you visit, and we will not intervene or manipulate your experience. 
  • We have no control over the websites you visit, and we will not intervene or manipulate your experience. 


  • With Inspire WiFi, you will have full access to the Internet. We have no control over the websites you visit and we will not manipulate your experience. 
  • However, as a result of such open and unfiltered access to the Internet, we have no control over the collection of information by apps and websites that you visit.


  • We fully act in accordance with CALEA requirements, as outlined below.

* This privacy policy is effective as of January 1, 2020.

* SOURCE: The content below was transferred to Inspire website’ privacy policy inner page from the National Domestic Communications Assistance Center, on May 1, 2021 regarding CALEA.


 The CALEA Implementation Program (CIP) carries out the responsibilities assigned to the Attorney General in the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and delegated to the Director of the FBI. Those responsibilities form the foundation of CIP’s efforts to advance industry’s required compliance with CALEA.

CALEA was intended to strike and maintain a balance between three competing national priorities: the public’s right to privacy, the promotion of innovation and the communications industry’s competitiveness, and preservation of law enforcement’s ability to conduct electronic surveillance by mandating industry’s compliance with certain technical requirements.

The CIP works with the law enforcement community and telecommunications industry at a variety of levels to ensure the development of strategic network-wide lawful intercept capabilities. CIP works with individual law enforcement agencies as well as representative groups and associations of Federal, State, and local law enforcement. The CIP understands the law enforcement community is composed of personnel with a diverse set of lawful intercept experiences and responsibilities within their respective agencies and tailors its support to those specific needs.

Interaction with the industry on technical issues (e.g., standards) requires the clarification of electronic surveillance needs and extensive analyses of technical specifications. Technical standards are critically important to industry and law enforcement as they can form the basis of how individual companies meet CALEA’s compliance requirements. Advanced consideration of technical solutions benefits both industry and law enforcement as court orders can be expeditiously implemented using well-understood, CALEA-compliant methods.

The partnership of the FBI’s CALEA implementation efforts with the NDCAC allows the NDCAC to leverage the FBI’s CALEA expertise and intellectual capital to provide a more holistic suite of support services to the law enforcement community. The CIP continues to consult with law enforcement entities, fulfill all legislative and regulatory requirements related to CALEA and communicate CALEA-related information to the law enforcement community through a variety of forums and conferences.

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