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How do I connect to the WiFi network?

Connect by simply associating your WiFi enabled device to the Wireless network and open a web browser.  You will then be prompted to the welcome page where you can click on the “Click Here to Get Connected” button.

What devices can connect?

Any WiFi enabled device such as laptop and desktop computers, tablets and readers, cell phones, and gaming consoles can connect to the WiFi network.

How many devices can use the network at once?

Our networks are designed to allow hundreds of simultaneous users, and on our larger networks, up to thousands of users at a time.

Is this connection secure?

Yes. The connection encryption varies between locations, but even our networks without encryption or passwords have security enabled where your data is safe from other users on the network.

Can I setup a home network on this connection?

Unfortunately, the security enabled on these shared amenity services do not allow for communication between devices, such as network/wireless printers or other devices. This is for the protection of personal data and internet security.

What can I do if speeds are slow?

Internet speed can vary due to a multitude of reasons such as signal strength, packet loss or network usage.  If your speeds are low, please be sure to check that you have adequate signal when testing.  If you are having issues, please call our 24/7 Support Team at 877-APT-WIFI (877-278-9434) Option 2 for additional support.

How do I increase my signal?

If you signal is low, try moving to another location in the apartment in order to increase it. The best reception is usually near windows in the apartment, or in some cases, closer to the doors in the hallway.  If the signal is too low to connect, our Support Team can assist in creating a stronger signal so please call them at (877) APT-WIFI (877-278-9434) Option 2.

My connection requires a password, how do I find it?

The leasing office of your community will hold the password for your network.  Please contact them for this information.