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Video on Micro-apartments: The anti-McMansions

Published June 27th, 2013

Move over McMansions: These days, pint-sized, micro-apartments are all the rage.

Typically ranging between 180 and 300 square-feet, these tiny apartments are becoming increasingly popular among the young-and-single set and even some retirees, seeking affordable places to live in the nation's costliest cities.

Nowhere is the micro trend hotter than in Seattle. More than 40 micro-apartment developments have been built in the city in the past three years, according to Jim Potter, chairman of Kauri Group, a Seattle-based developer. Many of these apartment buildings offer shared patios, roof decks and even communal kitchens.(Zoning laws in Seattle allow up to eight apartments to share one kitchen).

Other emerging micro-apartment hotspots include San Francisco, Boston, Providence, R.I., New York and Portland, Ore., where Kauri is building a new complex.

The key selling point is affordability. In Seattle, 250-square-foot apartments rent for under $800 a month, almost half the average $1,400 people pay for newly built studios of 400 square feet or more in the city, according to Potter.

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