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Remember Who You Kissed at Midnight?

Published May 28th, 2013

Floss daily. Exercise four times a week. 

These were two of my 2013 New Year’s resolutions. Now that we’re approaching the halfway point, how am I doing so far?

1. Floss daily. In the past five months, I have flossed. Now, if we want to get technical, I have not done so daily. I was just too…tired. 

I did, however, get a real wake-up call last week when I was told to “only floss the teeth you want to keep.” 

Which is precisely why I am starting tonight.

2. Exercise four times a week. Again, do we want to get technical? 

Here’s the situation: I really had every intention of working out more frequently in 2013, but January and February were just so cold. And I was just too…tired. 

When mid-March rolled around and the weather improved enough for me walk to my car without shivering, the last thing I wanted to do was spend precious hours of sunlight cooped up in the gym (and by precious hours, I mean 30 minutes).

So instead of actually going to the gym I pay for monthly, I’ve essentially been making donations to Gold’s Gym for the past five months. I’m hopeful that when I finally return, there will be an exercise room named in my honor.

One could say I dropped the ball as soon as the ball dropped. On the other hand, these are the two resolutions I haven’t kept. There are a handful of others I’ve already accomplished, even exceeded. The important thing is checking in with yourself every so often to mark your progress—and taking care of those gums!

With seven months until 2014, now is also the time to recommit to your property management goals, according to independent rental owner Dan Lieberman. 

“I probably shouldn’t confess this in print, but I can’t even remember the name of the woman who kissed me at midnight as we welcomed in 2013,” he says. “Unfortunately, many of us can’t remember the promises and resolutions we made to ourselves that night either.”

Only you know what changes you’d like to make, but here are two property management resolutions that Lieberman suggests you consider adopting.

1. Offer something your competitors don’t. The best way to differentiate yourself is to, well, be different. One way to increase your leasing and retention rates is to have something unique that prospective residents won’t find amongst your competition. This could be as simple as painting your apartments with color, offering free Wi-Fi in your community or perhaps having a 48-hour maintenance response “or rent free” guarantee.

2. Select one item that you want to change, and commit to implementing it within the next 90 days. I’m sure there is a long list of things you’ve wanted to “get around to” doing. (Squats, am I right?) If your lists are like mine, their length alone can be overwhelming. Commit to doing just one item in the next 90 days. Do a second one the next 90. That way, you will have done at least two new things this year that you’ve always wanted to do. If you can do more, that’s even better, but two is a very manageable starting point.

So don’t despair if you haven’t thought about your resolutions since Jan. 2. You have more than six months left to truly make 2013 your best year ever—and your best set of teeth ever.

Lauren Boston -