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Marketing Multifamily to the Hispanic Renter

Published June 22nd, 2013

Brittany Worrell Boyce

Marketing to the Hispanic Renter

Advertising to a diverse audience has never been more important than now for apartment managers and owners.  The minority population continues to grow within the United States, and the demand for demographic niche marketing is increasing as well. This diversified marketing through culturally sensitive advertising and specifically, language multiplicity, will produce a great return on investment.  The Hispanic community is one of the largest specialty niches, and has a significant impact on the multifamily industry.

Accommodation and Location Matter for Large Families

The average Hispanic family has 3 members and growing, making this consumer an apartment shopper of larger floor plans, family friendly amenities, and features.  These young families are seeking amenities and features that are accommodating to their children. School districts, school bus stops, nearby little leagues and short distance to grocery stores and shopping centers are at the top of the list for a mom shopping for her next apartment home.   

Apartment amenities and features important to these moms include after school programs, kid-friendly business centers or computer centers, playgrounds, and kitchen and dining room size.  The Hispanic demographic spends a higher proportion of their money on groceries, housing, utilities, and transportation, in part because of the size of the family.  Pantries, storage, nearby Laundromats or washer and dryer connections are of extreme importance.   Since these growing families are very particular about their wants and needs, the apartment community that can successfully meet these will gain a long term resident.

Marketing to the Hispanic Community

In the apartment sector, Hispanic shoppers are brand loyal and better recall communities that offer marketing materials such as property brochures, floor plans, qualification guidelines and rental applications in Spanish.  These bilingual marketing tools facilitate this consumer’s decision process. 

Because of their social tendencies, Hispanic apartment shoppers are influenced by others on purchasing decisions.  They involve friends and family in English and in Spanish, and although face to face advice is the most common, 23% of Hispanics turn to their mobile device for advice about products and services.  20% ask Facebook friends while 24% text friends and 35% read product reviews.  A Hispanic resident will refer on average 5 additional residents to their chosen community and will live at the same property for longer periods of time. 

Today, we can account for 52% of the total Hispanic population as apartment dwellers.  Their search for an apartment is very similar to that of the general population; however, due to an almost parallel language use of English and Spanish, successful marketers are consistently moving to a bilingual marketing approach.  

Brittany Worrell Boyce

Brittany is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator with For Rent Media Solutions, a leader in the multifamily housing industry, providing diverse marketing and advertising solutions to real estate industry professionals.